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First Blog Post

I'm so excited to publish my very first blog post for Christine Anne Art. I have always loved the idea of blogging; I had a few amateur blogs on my personal websites in the past; I have also built content for other companies to grow their social media following, but this will be the first time I take on the task of maintaining content on my own professional website. So, I'm sure many of you are asking-

Why Create A Blog?

  1. I am inspired by other freelancers who create their own content. I am currently focused on building my client base and have seen some inspiring freelance designers start to create their own content for lead generation. I love giving this advice to clients to build their online audience and have decided to put my own advice to the test.

  2. To develop as a writer. I love to write and I regretfully do not have many opportunities to share my writing. This blog will serve as a creative outlet for me and an exercise in creative and professional writing.

  3. I want feedback. In my current practice, I don't experience critique with my peers, which I believe is one of the strongest ways to develop as a designer and strengthen under-developed skills. I hope that fellow designers, clients, and strangers provide their insights; I know it will help me grow as an artist.

  4. To illustrate important design topics for current and future clients. I have found that with many of my clients, it is best to give a breakdown of all of the ways effective design can be beneficial to their brand. I hope this blog will highlight some important topics and encourage clients to keep their brand

fresh and engaging.

What to Expect?

  • Branding Tips

  • Tutorials

  • Statistics

  • Design Trends

  • Projects In Progress

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